TerminAll is a user friendly tool for communicating with external devices, using a typical "terminal" window, where incoming data is shown as lines and users can send data back to the remote device.

TerminAll supports TCP and UDP, as well as USB-Serial remote devices. For TCP and UDP TerminAll can run as either client or server. In client mode, it connects to an external device, while in server mode, it waits for incoming connection attempts.

Received data can be decoded as fields, using a configurable separation charter, such as comma for CSV data. Extracted fields can be plotted, allowing easy viewing of data from remote devices, such as e.g. an Arduino (using its built in external USB-Serial port)

TerminAll is available in the Windows App Store
*App is free                                                                         


Please contact BEDKO with any questions or requests for additonal features or changes.


1.) What does the "ColorMap" setting do?
This is a list of colors that ModbusInspector uses when plotting. The first color correspond to the first item in the map of signals to plot. If there are more signals to plot then colors, the app starts over from the first color.
Colormap is also comma separated values, and spaces are ignored. Accepted values are
r - Red
g - Grean
b - Blue
k - Black
c - Cyan
m - Magenta