Multipurpose IO Module

A powerful DAQ module, using either USB or UDP/IP to send data to a host computer. The MIO module has loads of built in features like mosfet power outputs that can deliver 2A at 24V, +/-10V inputs and +/- 10V outputs. Inputs have configurable range and preamp. The MIO module can be configured to connect inputs and outputs via hysteresis functions, or n-point curve fo I -> O.

With all its powerfull functions the MIO module is an ideal prototyping IO module. It can be used for anything from simple Data acquisition to sensor linearization or even as a stand-alone hysteresis regulator(like a thermostat). The module is powered from a 24V source and can operate on its own, or with host PC supervision adn data logging.

The MIO module comes with powerful Software that lets the user easly configure it, calibrate it, and do online monitoring of all measured values. The software can communicate with either UDP/IP or USB.