Modbus TCP Client developed for Windows 10 UWP platform

Supports reading/writing holding and input registers, as well as coils and discrete inputs.
The application has features for plotting data and logging to csv file. ModbusInspector can store multiple device configurations in roaming application memory, automatically synchronized across a users account. The tool is compatible with all devices running Windows 10, including the Internet-of-Things core.

ModbusInspector is available in the Windows App Store
*App is available for a 7-day free trial.                                                                  




TerminAll is a user friendly tool for communicating with external devices, using a typical "terminal" window, where incoming data is shown as lines and users can send data back to the remote device.

TerminAll supports TCP and UDP, as well as USB-Serial remote devices. For TCP and UDP TerminAll can run as either client or server. In client mode, it connects to an external device, while in server mode, it waits for incoming connection attempts.

Received data can be decoded as fields, using a configurable separation charter, such as comma for CSV data. Extracted fields can be plotted, allowing easy viewing of data from remote devices, such as e.g. an Arduino (using its built in external USB-Serial port)

TerminAll is available in the Windows App Store
*App is free                                                                          



Engineering and scientific tool for collection and presentation of data. Babel runs application files developed by users, by combining function blocks to form a Babel-application. Babel contains functions for presentation of data in many different formats, such as highly configurable graph plots, 3D plots, 3D simulated objects (inverted pendulum, etc).

The software can collect data from UDP, TCP, serial-port, generic HID USB devices, files and many other sources. It supports popular protocols such as Modbus and NMEA. By combining the right function blocks developing applications in Babel is fast and efficient.

Additionally, computational functions, such as ODE solvers, function evaluation, signal generation, and simple math and logic operations can be included, to form a complete user-specific application to solve many different tasks in engineering. Developing simulators and test tools can be done in minutes, using all the power of Babels built in function blocks.



Need an easy and efficient DAQ system with Modbus TCP interface? Then ModiosIO might be the right choice. The board is designed for educational and scientific use, and contains 4x AI, AO, DI and DO. Configurable sampling rates and ADC resolutions allow customization of sampling to fit application needs. Data can be read and written via Modbus TCP. USB can be used to configure IP settings, avoiding the need for complicated network interfacing for configuration. Customized firmware can be developed on demand for specific user needs. Bedko supplies several software packages with Modbus capability for a complete data acquisition setup. Please contact us for pricing and availability.