BEDKO AS was founded 2. mai 2011. Our goal is to deliver engineering services within electronics and software development. We are flexible and take great pride in delivering excellent results in the shortest amount of time. Our methods are developed to be fast and efficient, while delivering the best possible results.

BEDKO AS is owned and operated by C.E.O. and founder Ole Magnus Brastein, a professional engineer with decades of experience in software engineering and hardware development.

"After years of experience with in electronics and software development, I have found that that small projects take longer then necessary. This is often because to many people are involved, when the workload is easly managed by a single contractor."  - Ole Magnus Brastein, C.E.O

If a business doesn't have the in-house competence, or are to busy, to do development themselves, they often have to relate to several different consulting companies, for their software, electronics design and prototyping needs. This is where BEDKO can help. We can cover all these services, and deliver a finished product, both hardware and software designs, including prototype hardware.

At BEDKO we believe in the future of engineering. We support local educational programs, to help tomorrows engineers advancing the world of technology.