Engineering and scientific tool for collection and presentation of data. Babel runs application files developed by users, by combining function blocks to form a Babel-application. Babel contains functions for presentation of data in many different formats, such as highly configurable graph plots, 3D plots, 3D simulated objects (inverted pendulum, etc).

The software can collect data from UDP, TCP, serial-port, generic HID USB devices, files and many other sources. It supports popular protocols such as Modbus and NMEA. By combining the right function blocks developing applications in Babel is fast and efficient.

Additionally, computational functions, such as ODE solvers, function evaluation, signal generation, and simple math and logic operations can be included, to form a complete user-specific application to solve many different tasks in engineering. Developing simulators and test tools can be done in minutes, using all the power of Babels built in function blocks.